In the latest development for Project ROAR, the ambitious modernization initiative at the Farr West Distribution Center, a significant milestone was reached with the installation of the transfer deck. This crucial component marks a pivotal step forward in streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency within the facility. 

The Symbotic transfer deck, a cornerstone of AFS’ automated material handling systems, will facilitate seamless transfers of items between various conveyor lines, storage locations and robotic picking systems.  

“Think of it as an escalator for the robots,” said Justin Johnson, director of logistics for AFS.  

When complete, the transfer deck and other components of the system will dramatically improve the distribution process, enhancing workflow and throughput while ensuring maximum productivity. 

“We are thrilled to see the transfer deck successfully installed,” said Justin. “This milestone represents a significant leap forward in our efforts to modernize and optimize our operations.” 

The installation process occurred over the past week, with steel, wood and wood decking expertly installed as part of the transfer deck’s infrastructure. Electrical components are on the horizon as the project moves forward. 

According to distribution center leaders, Wize Solutions, the subcontractor responsible for this phase of the project, demonstrated exceptional proficiency and expertise throughout the installation process. Drawing upon their extensive experience, particularly from a similar installation project in Washington State, Wize Solutions has delivered outstanding results with remarkable efficiency. 

“We are impressed with the dedication and professionalism displayed through the collaborative effort of the AFS team and Wize Solutions,” said Damon Fischio, distribution manager for AFS. “Their seamless coordination and swift execution have played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this exciting and important part of the project.” 

The transfer deck installation proceeded smoothly, with impressive attention to detail and safety. Despite the complexity of the project, the entire process was completed without incident, underscoring the collective efforts of the project team. 

The corresponding video provides an inside look at the transfer deck installation. Stay tuned to StoreLink and Team News for frequent Project ROAR updates.