Cravn’ Flavor Expands

We’re excited to announce our Crav’n Flavor brand is expanding! Starting this week, Crav’n Flavor is introducing 30 new novelty varieties to our frozen offerings at the AFS distribution center. Consumer purchasing behavior has shown a preference to Crav’n Flavor in comparison to other Exclusive Brands. We have found the Crav’n Flavor brand performs very well in our markets.

See the list of our newest novelties here:

CF Fudge Pops
CF Red, White, and Blue Pops
CF Strawberry Shortcake Bar
CF Banana Pops
CF Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich
CF Vanilla Cones
CF Chocolate Variety Cones
CF Cones Variety Pack
CF Chocolate Éclair Bar
CF Rainbow Sherbet Push Pops
CF Fudge Bar
CF Crispy Crunch Bar
CF Orange Cream Bar
CF Ice Cream Bar
CF Vanilla Mini Sandwich
CF Toffee Bar
CF Birthday Bash Cup
CF Vanilla Cup
CF Strawberry & Fudge Variety Cups
CF Cookies & Cream Sandwich
CF Neapolitan Sandwich
CF Ice Cream Sandwich (12ct)
CF Ice Cream Sandwich (24ct)
CF Rainbow Pops
CF Variety Pack Bars
CF Strawberry Fruit Bar
CF Coconut Fruit Bar
CF Lime Fruit Bar
CF Pineapple Fruit Bar
CF Mango Fruit Bar