We have seen a major uptick in COVID-19 infections across the entire nation as well as within our own teams. We know the current surge has made it difficult to be tested and get your results quickly. Starting on Saturday (1/15/22), ARO is making rapid at-home COVID-19 tests available to our teams at retail. The Farr West distribution and AFS Corporate team members will be able to start purchasing kits from their work locations starting on Monday (1/17/22).

The tests are $11.99 each with a limit of two tests per team member. Starting on Jan. 15, 2022, the Federal Government asked insurance companies to provide a way for their customers to be reimbursed for at-home COVID-19 tests. That process has not yet been defined. You will need to save your receipts so you can turn them into your insurance provider for reimbursement.

We ask team members to follow these directions based on your specific work location:

ARO Store Team Members – They will be available from your Home-Store Leadership Team and will be purchased through the customer service booth.
Farr West Distribution Center Team Members – We make the kits available through the team store/lunchroom in Farr West.
ARO Corporate Team Members – Please use the Parley’s Way Macey’s location as your home store. They will be available through the Store Leadership team and sold through the customer service booth.
AFS Corporate Team Members – We will make the kits available through Team Services. If you are working out of town (Idaho, Colorado, Montana, etc.), please call Team Services and they will assist you with your purchases.
Best practice is to have two tests on hand. If you test positive, you only need to use one test. However, if you are experiencing symptoms and initially test negative, it is the best practice to test a second time, about 48 hours later, to ensure that the result is still negative.

Our focus at this time is to help our team and their families stay safe. Given our limited supply of testing kits, we ask all team members to help us by only purchasing two kits if you or a member of your household needs them. As supply allows, we plan to make additional kits available each week for the next 2-3 weeks if the surge continues.