To continue enhancing safety and security in and around the corporate office, the AFS facilities maintenance team, loss prevention and team services are taking steps toward a perimeter fence to enclose the facility. 

Two team members recently had catalytic converters stolen from their trucks in the east parking lot of the corporate office and ongoing concerns make the fence an important addition to help keep a safe work environment.  

The project will occur in phases beginning around the parking lot on the east side of the building. The second phase will happen on the south and west-side parking lots with the final phase being chain-link fencing for A-Mail and pharmacy receiving along with a new entrance for semi-truck trailer pickup and drop off.


Except for A-Mail and pharmacy, plans for the fence are like those at nearby offices and distribution center locations. Designs call for a decorative metal fence with entry/exit gates. Gates can be scheduled to remain open during busy periods of the day to prevent wait times. During times when the gates are closed, team members can scan their ID card to gain access just like they currently do to enter building doors. 

Additional details and instructions will be provided as construction is complete. If all goes as planned, installation will begin as soon as materials arrive and be completed by year end. 

“Team-member security is of utmost importance,” said Russ Hatt, physical facilities manager. “We have cameras already installed and working, but this will add another layer of protection for our team members and guests.” 

Team members are encouraged to park as close to the building as possible for the time being. If team members see suspicious behavior, they are encouraged to immediately call law enforcement and notify team services. 

“Safety is the first point on our Compass for Excellence, and we take these concerns very seriously,” said Tim Conner, senior vice president of team services. “We appreciate the team’s vigilance in keeping a close eye on our surroundings as we make these improvements.”