Making One Associated a Modern and Future-Ready System

A modern company is one characterized by or using the most up-to-date techniques, ideas, technology, and equipment. A list of modern companies today might include Apple, Google, Tesla, Netflix, and LG Electronics. These are companies that set themselves apart by being purpose-driven, innovative, fast, forward-thinking, bold, and talent-rich. 

We are taking steps together right now to transform One Associated into a modern system that will succeed and remain relevant well into the future. This transformative journey includes warehouse and retail store modernization, centralized production, advanced loyalty and personalization, data-rich technology platforms, enhanced learning and development, and many other key projects and initiatives. Reshaping One Associated together will enable us to create and deliver value to our retail customers for decades to come. 

As we discussed in the Annual Business Meeting in April, we have been exploring ways to modernize our warehouse operations. Our ability to procure and deliver products is central to the purpose of Associated Food Stores. The key objective of the warehouse modernization initiative is to ensure we can continue fulfilling this purpose indefinitely in the most efficient and effective manner possible without disruption.   

The board of directors has approved a substantial investment in the acquisition and implementation of revolutionary storage and selection technology in the grocery section of the Farr West distribution center. The design phase of this effort is underway now. This video will show you the technology we plan to implement over the next few years. We are also including a FAQ — or Frequently Asked Questions — section at the end of this introduction to address many of the questions you may have. Additional information will be provided as the plans, designs, and details of the project are finalized. We are committed to transparency and keeping you informed. 

We are confident in One Associated and our common purpose. To secure the future of One Associated, it is essential we take bold steps now to transform and modernize our wholesale and retail operations and our teams, which are more important now than ever. Working together we can succeed and enhance our relevance to the customers and the communities we serve.

Let’s go!