Congressional Staffer Visits Macey’s Provo Pharmacy 

 H.D. Colton Sanderson, Congressional Staffer for Congress Rep. Curtis, visited the Macey’s Provo pharmacy recently.  

Sanderson was greeted by Chris Sheard, pharmacy operations manager at Associated Food Stores. They were introduced to the Provo pharmacy team, toured the pharmacy area, and learned more about how a prescription is processed and each step the medication goes through before going to the patient. Here, H.D. also learned about all the different clinical services AFS pharmacies offer on top of dispensing medication. These services include, immunizations, flu shots, women’s health services, cold sore treatments, and strep testing.  

They also discussed the vital role pharmacists played during the pandemic and how pharmacists have created closer relationships with their patients and doctors they work with because of the pandemic. They also had an opportunity to discuss challenges they are currently facing and how Congress Representative Curtis and his staff can assist in overcoming the challenges that many pharmacies face across the country.   

“It was a pleasure to give a tour to Congressman Curtis’s Staffer, H.D. Sanderson. We found it was a great opportunity for our pharmacy to highlight all the amazing things we are providing the community in which we serve, from dispensing medication to offering several clinical services with no appointment needed,” said Shawna Hanson, director of pharmacy, AFS.  “It was also a great time for us in the pharmacy community to express any concerns we have about current legislation and how we would like to influence and make positive changes to help pharmacies nationwide. We’d like to thank Congressman Curtis and H.D. Sanderson for visiting our facility and taking the time to learn more about what we do for our communities.”