New Vistas Drives Success for Participating Retailers 

New Vistas, a process Associated Food Stores developed to help retailers succeed, continues gaining momentum. The process helps retailers better understand their unique opportunities, build a customized plan, obtain resources and experience better business performance. 

More than a dozen stores are using the process to enhance their operations with many seeing customer counts and sales increases as they apply New Vistas principles.  

New Vistas was developed in collaboration with the AFS executive team and retail counselors. These team members gathered resources from inside and outside of AFS to helps retailers discover and focus on their most important opportunities. Additionally, AFS has established a unique loan system to help retailers fund any investments needed as part of their goal setting.  

Stores like Kent’s, Stewarts, Reynold’s and M&W are further along in the process with many others getting started. 

“It has really shown us what we can accomplish when we align our focus on a specific goal and then work together to achieve it,” said Chris Schell, vice president at Reynold’s “Not only has it grown our already successful homemade sausage program, but it has also improved the culture of our team. The communication and support they have given each other has been an amazing experience and it’s only going to get better.” 

Stores interested in participating in the New Vistas initiative are encouraged to visit the New Vistas page accessed through the main navigation pane on StoreLink or contact their retail counselor.  

“It’s amazing to see the unity and drive that comes from creating shared, meaningful goals as a store team,” said Javier Tapia, director of retail services at AFS. “Not only are stores seeing improved financial results, but most stores report enhanced feelings of culture and camaraderie as they work together in new and exciting ways.”