In an era where workplace safety is paramount, there’s a group of exceptional Associated Retail Operations’ (ARO) stores that were recognized for their impressive commitment to the well-being of their team members. The Perfect Record Award, a distinguished accolade from the Utah Safety Council, recognized eight stores that completed an entire year without incurring a single OSHA recordable injury, illness, days away from work, or death.

The eight stores are Fresh Market Ogden, Fresh Market East Ogden, Fresh Market Layton, Fresh Market 3900 South, Lin’s Price, Lin’s Overton, Macey’s Ogden and Macey’s Parley’s Way.

This prestigious award not only recognizes excellence but also celebrates the collective effort that goes into creating safe and secure working environments. The award is a testament to the proactive measures, comprehensive safety protocols and an ingrained safety culture that guides ARO operations.

“Workplace safety is more than just a checklist; it’s a mindset, a culture and a shared commitment,” said Dave Karpowitz, asset protection manager. “The stores receiving the Perfect Record Award have exemplified this understanding. They not only established a safe working environment but also fostered a sense of collective responsibility where each team member plays a crucial role in maintaining that safety.”

Behind the Perfect Record Award lies an astounding accomplishment: a cumulative total of 703,105 hours worked safely across the eight honored stores. Receiving the Perfect Record Award isn’t the end of the journey; it’s a milestone that propels all of ARO further on the path of excellence.