Alex Jimenez, who recently became the new commits coordinator at AFS, has an inspiring story that highlights the career growth opportunities and supportive culture at Associated Food Stores. Alex started at the distribution center in 2018 as an order selector, but he knew he eventually wanted to move into a leadership role.

With hard work, dedication, and the guidance of supportive leaders, Alex made that dream a reality. “AFS doesn’t just hire you, they want to help you grow and be successful,” said Alex. “If you work a little harder and let people know you’re looking for growth, there are people out there willing to help.”

After getting his foot in the door at AFS, Alex decided to pursue a degree in supply chain management, attending classes at Weber State University while continuing to work. Though he had challenges getting through college right after high school, his leaders at AFS were understanding and accommodating of his needs as a student now. “They were flexible to my needs and helped me succeed in classes and do well on finals,” Alex explained.

Justin Johnson, director of logistics at AFS, has been a pivotal mentor to Alex and the two worked closely to identify potential future roles. “Justin and I would look every day at jobs that I could qualify for at the company, both at the distribution center and the corporate headquarters,” Alex said. “It didn’t matter how busy he was, he would always reply. Anytime I needed him, he was there.”

Having Justin as an invested mentor meant Alex always felt he had “someone in his corner, fighting for him.” This consistent backing and advocacy from a leadership figure provided immense encouragement during challenging times.

Now the new commits coordinator working in the corporate office, Alex feels his hard work and AFS’s commitment to employee development has paid off. “This place has a special way of giving people a fair shot and not judging them,” he said. “This company has really opened their arms.”

For team members looking for growth, Alex thinks it’s about getting past self-doubt. “It starts with being the hardest worker in the room and not saying things like ‘I’m too old’, or ‘school is not for me.’”

Alex’s story demonstrates AFS team members can find exciting pathways for professional growth by accessing learning opportunities, supportive leadership, and an embracing company culture. With drive and guidance, team members can pivot and grow as they pursue their career goals and dreams.