Introducing AFStv

With the new year comes an exciting addition to team communication called AFStv. AFStv is a monthly video series highlighting the tremendous people and projects that make AFS a wonderful place to work.

Here’s what’s included in the first episode:

  • See what team members from around the company are excited about in 2022.
  • Learn how the distribution center handles the holiday workload from Tony Merrill.
  • Hear what Brian Waddoups’ team at Dick’s in Centerville loves about the holidays.
  • Get insights into the AFS Executive Team’s vision for 2022 and beyond from Roger White.
  • Discover a rewarding way to win in our monthly photo contest.

We hope you enjoy the video. If you have story ideas, we want to hear from you. Simply email or contact any member of the AFS Communications team.

Are you an inspiring photographer or do you just want a chance to win a grand prize? As part of our new monthly video series, AFStv, we are giving team members from across the company a chance to show off their photography skills.

Each month we’ll have a new theme for you to base your photo on. January’s theme is My Happy Place. Learn more here>

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Thank you for watching, we’ll see you next month!