In a heartwarming display of gratitude and camaraderie, Associated Food Stores’ board of directors added to the company’s first ROAR Tour with a gesture of appreciation by providing lunch to all distribution center team members working that day. Following two days of meetings, the board of directors toured the Farr West Distribution Center to see the progress of the modernization project thus far and receive updates on next steps.  

The unexpected gesture of a free lunch left many distribution center team members pleasantly surprised. Team members entering the facility’s cafeteria were greeted by the retailers who make up the board along with members of AFS’ executive team.

The visit from the board of directors and the sumptuous lunch that followed underscored the importance of teamwork and appreciation within the AFS system. It was a day when leadership and team members came together to celebrate their collective achievements and look forward to an even brighter future. 

During discussions about Project ROAR and the future, this simple act of appreciation reminded everyone that at AFS, it’s not just about building a stronger supply chain; it’s also about building a stronger community within the company.