The spookiest night of the year is almost here! Before your little monsters head out to collect their haul check out the tips below to make sure the night is full of treats and not tricks. 

Dress in light colors or add reflective tape to costumes: The changing seasons means it’s probably going to be dark by the time you head out for trick-or-treating. Help make your kiddos visible to other people and drivers by utilizing light colors in their costumes or attaching some reflective tape to their costume and candy bag.

Check the candy first: Before you dive head-first into a sugar coma, take a moment to check your candy. Watch for any wrappers that look like they’ve been opened or tampered with. Make sure your kids only take homemade treats from homes that you know.

Keep walkways clear and lit: No kid (or parent) wants to spend Halloween in the E.R. Make sure your driveways and front walks are free of tripping hazards like decorations, hoses, etc. Make sure they are well lit.

Turn your light off if you’re done for the night: Out of candy or ready to turn in for the night? Turn your porch light off. It’s a clear and easy way to notify trick-or-treaters that your house is no longer open for visitors.

Make sure the costumes fit properly: It’s super easy to trip on Halloween. Make sure each costume fits correctly and doesn’t drag on the ground. This will keep your kiddo from tripping and others from stepping on their costume and tearing it. 

Don’t forget the candy: Nothing is more disappointing than having a group of adorable monsters on your doorstep and not having enough treats to hand out. Stop by your favorite AFS grocery store and pick up an extra bag of your favorite treats. You may even have extras for you! That’s a win-win situation.