Exclusive Brands is thrilled to announce the lucky winners of not only the monthly giveaway, but also the first ever quarterly giveaway! One lucky winner received two free Jazz tickets to the game of their choice, along with some Jazz beanies and an Exclusive Brands Stanley. 

The second quarter is even better! Another lucky winner can receive four FREE Bees baseball game tickets to any game of their choice during the month of July, along with four Bees baseball hats, and four Exclusive Brands tumblers. All team members need to do is spend $25 total in an AFS member retailer, with $5 of that going towards Exclusive Brands. The more receipts, the better chance you have! Don’t forget: To win the monthly themed basket, one item from that theme also needs to be purchased.  

Congratulations to the following team members who have supported our Exclusive Brands!  

Ultimate Jazz Fan Basket: Two Jazz Tickets, Two Jazz Beanies, and an Exclusive Brands Stanley: Elisa Andrews 

Simply Done Essentials $100 Gift Basket Winner: Lon Herget 

$50 Gift Card Winners 

Corp: Guen Hedden 

Corp: John Bruderer  

Farr West: Lance Jorgensen  

Farr West: Landen Poulsen 

Click here to win a $100 Gift Basket from Barrel and Branch for the month of April! Stay tuned for more great monthly giveaways.