Welcome to Associated Food Stores Accolades!  


Accolades: An award or privilege granted as a special honor or as an acknowledgement of merit.  


We are excited to announce a new team member recognition program called Associated Food Stores Accolades powered by Awardco. AFS Accolades will allow you to recognize your peers and team members for doing great work, going above and beyond, wishing them a happy birthday and more!   

Be recognized for all you do with Associated Food Stores’ exciting new recognition platform. 


To get started: 

TMs with an afstores email address will log in with their company email (SSO) 


TMs who do not have a company-provided email will log in with the following information: 

U: personal email address 

P: AFS + TM# + 4-digit birthdate MMDD 

(example AFS158940822) 


If you have trouble logging in, check your email address in My Info Center under the My Team Member Information tab. Make sure it’s updated to an AFS email if you do not wish to use your personal email. 

 To learn more about how to use Accolades and adjust your personal settings, go here. 


We are excited for you to explore and start using Accolades!