For Immediate Release:

March 16, 2020


Dave Davis


Utah Food Industry Association

Utah Retail Merchants Association



Utah Food Industry Urges Calm and Responsible Shopping in the Wake of the Emergence of the Coronavirus


The coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting retailers, our customers and employees nationwide. Our members operate grocery, pharmacy, home improvement and convenience stores throughout the state. Utah retailers’ first priority is always the health and safety of our customers and employees. We urge consumers to shop responsibly during this public health event.


The underlying fundamentals of the retail supply chain remain strong and our retailers are working day and night to replenish inventories. Our member retailers are working closely with our food manufacturers and wholesale partners to ensure food, medicine and cleaning supplies continue to be readily available to consumers. We continue to be in close contact with government officials and will follow the lead of public health officials.


“We urge customers to be calm and to adhere to the commonsense guidance provided by state and local health officials. If a shopper does not need an item in the next two weeks, leave it for someone who does.” said Dave Davis, President of the Utah Food Industry Association. “Hoarding and stockpiling creates unnecessary fear and may create a situation where someone who truly needs a product may not be able to find it in a store. This has the potential to place in jeopardy the most vulnerable among us – the elderly and those with existing health issues. We are confident that if consumers will not panic and exercise some patience there will be an adequate amount of food and medicine available to take care of all consumers’ needs.”


About the Utah Food Industry Association:

The Utah Food Industry Association ( is an industry trade association that has represented the interest of grocery and convenience store retailers in Utah since 1924. Our members operate over 750 retail, manufacturing and distribution centers across the state of Utah and represent over $5.4 billion in sales annually in the State of Utah. Food and convenience store retailers employ over 46,000 Utah workers.

About the Utah Retail Merchants Association:

The Utah Retail Merchants Association ( was organized in 1955 for the purpose of uniting the retail industry and providing representation in regulatory and legislative issues. Utah Retail Merchants Association representatives have acted in behalf of the retail industry in a myriad of governmental and community issues. The Association continues to represent retailers in governmental and community relations. The Association strives to advance and serve the common business interest, efficiency and welfare of their members in the retail trade.