April 22 is Earth Day and while the weather is rain-filled for many this year there are dozens of ways to celebrate today and take care of the planet year-round. Here are ten ideas to consider: 

  1. Pack a picnic and go visit the great outdoors. AFS member retailers have picnic-friendly meal options that make eating outside a breeze. 
  2. Buy produce from local farmers at your local grocer whenever possible. When local produce is in season, it helps the planet, and our local farmers and grocery stores, to buy produce grown nearby. The AFS and ARO produce teams always do their best to support local growers. 
  3. Get involved with local environmental organizations. Find a group whose mission matches your passions and reach out to learn more about volunteer opportunities. 
  4. Purchase a state parks, or national parks, pass for your family and visit conserved spaces year-round. Utah, and the surrounding states, are a treasure trove of beautiful destinations. 
  5. Learn a skill that helps reduce your impact on the planet. It doesn’t have to be random—learn about something you or your community is interested in and would benefit from like bike repair, building a compost bin or patching or altering clothing. 
  6. Trade-in plasticware for reusable gear and recycle. Utilize reusable water bottles and bags whenever possible. 
  7. Plant a container garden or herb garden or sign up to volunteer at a community garden nearby. Gardens are good for the planet and a great way to get both exercise and delicious fruits and vegetables. 
  8. Check your vehicle’s tire pressure to increase your fuel efficiency. Combining trips, going easy on the gas pedal and carpooling are all ways to positively contribute. 
  9. Encourage healthy, money-saving and earth-friendly eating habits. Meals prepared at home are usually healthier and less expensive than dining out. Eating at home saves fuel. reduces emissions and can save packaging. 
  10. Leave it better than you found it. While on your picnic, hike, or camping trip, if you need dishes or utensils, use reusable products. After you are done eating and playing, challenge your friends and family to find trash and leave the location cleaner than when you got there.