The Votes are In: Your Top AFS Stories of 2021  

The year 2021 was one that will likely never be forgotten. After publishing a list of some of the year’s top stories, dozens of team members from across the company voted for their top-five stories of the year. As voted on by the AFS team, here are the top stories of 2021: 

1. Record-Breaking Sales

AFS had a banner sales year! Wholesale Operations approached $2 billion in sales by year-end. (That’s a strong reflection of how the company’s member-owned retail stores performed.) Corporate stores surpassed sales of $750 million. Wholesale pharmacy sales exceeded $1.3 billion this year. Those are all records!  

2. AFS Announces New CEO  

Neal Berube, chief executive officer of Associated Food Stores announced his retirement at the end of 2020. Upon Neal’s departure, Robert Obray, who served as the company’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, assumed the role of CEO for AFS with his first full year in 2021. 

3. New Stores and Remodels 

There were many stores that joined AFS in 2021 and many others that were remodeled. In fact, a dozen independent retailers across AFS’ service area became members of AFS or added stores. Additionally, at least 20 stores were remodeled during the year. These remodels resulted in impressive increases in sales and made significant improvements to the products, services and atmosphere provided to store guests. 

4. Team Perks Increase to 10 Percent 

Starting on October 6, 2021 all team members began saving 10 percent on every qualifying purchase at all ARO stores and other participating members of Associated Food Stores. 

5. Harvest of Hope Provides a Million Meals 

Throughout November, guests at Macey’s, Dan’s, Dick’s Market, Lin’s and Fresh Market were asked to donate to the Utah Food Bank at check out and they responded—combining for a total of $242,492.09. The collected amount, which will fill multiple trailers, provides about 1,032,491 meals and is a 13 percent increase over the amount collected last year. Another way to view the success is to imagine feeding approximately 236 families of four for a year.  


Thanks to the team members who voted and for all the team members who contributed to an incredibly successful year.