As Ron Cook concludes his illustrious career at Associated Food Stores, we celebrate the remarkable journey that spans over four decades. Born in Iowa on Feb. 2, 1954, to Gerald and Veva Cook, Ron’s professional legacy and personal accomplishments are intertwined.

Raised on a farm south of Zearing, Iowa, Ron’s life took various turns, from Tennessee to Utah, shaping a story of resilience and dedication. A pivotal moment came when, at 15, he spent a year exploring different Christian churches. Following a profound spiritual experience, he joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 15. At 19, Ron embarked on a 2-year mission to Ecuador.

After his mission, Ron pursued education in Utah, graduating from LDS Business College with a focus on accounting. His professional journey at Associated Food Stores began on Dec 5, 1983, under the mentorship of Stan Barnes in Accounts Payable, Stan stated that he liked the “fire in Ron’s eyes.”. Ron assumed the role of AP auditor three months later. This position allowed Ron to work from home for over 24 years—a goal he had set after his last daughter, Barbara, was born 27 weeks premature.

The Cook family later relocated to Idaho for a healthier environment, where they bought fifteen acres of riverfront property. As they diligently build their retirement mansion, Ron’s impact at work remains evident. Over the years, he served his coworkers in employee sales and Shasta sales programs, while also managing and destroying store and pharmacy records for the stores.

Beyond his professional commitments, Ron finds joy in carpentry, music, books, acting, gardening, and experimenting with nature. As Ron and his wife, Lynmarie, look forward to retirement, they plan to explore the world, with Mexico City being their first major destination.

Wishing Ron and Lynmarie an incredibly happy retirement, acknowledging not only the fruitful career but also the enduring family story they have woven together.