On Wednesday, August 11, Roger White led a strategy and planning meeting with team members from major parts of the AFS organization. Included in the meeting were key leaders from advertising, category management, sales and specialist teams, marketing, procurement and the distribution center. 

“With the rapidly changing consumer environment, it is critical to look at our current situation from a strategic perspective,” said Roger White, executive vice president of sales and wholesale operations. “We know consumers and our retailers are concerned about inflation and how it’s impacting their lives. Our AFS teams are equally concerned and are moving quickly to develop short and long-term strategies and tactics to help present shoppers and retailers with relevant solutions.” 

The meeting gave participants an opportunity to review current promotional efforts and collaborate with one another on how AFS should adapt these efforts to better address the current economic situation.  

“This discussion was incredibly productive and it gave everyone a way to see what one another is doing. It is amazing to see the level of collaboration and trust between the teams,” said April Rice, vice president of retail services. “It was a true reflection of what One AFS is all about.” 

The discussions and planning will help AFS provide retailers and their shoppers with current and highly relevant solutions and promotions going into 2023.