Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day

The last two years have been challenging but despite the obstacles, we have continued offering jobs and supplying food and other needs to your family and our community. Thank you for your continued support! We are excited to continue serving you as we look forward to the future. We are grateful for you, our shoppers, but we are also incredibly grateful for our amazing team members. They have done so much. They have continued to show up, innovate and work hard to serve our communities. Please join us today in celebrating our team as a part of Supermarket Employee Appreciation Day. Here are a few ideas for some simple ways you can celebrate.

1. Voice your gratitude

A simple thank you said in a heartfelt tone can dramatically impact someone’s day for good. As you are shopping, please consider pausing for a moment to say “thanks” to those around you.

2. Write a thank you note

Take your “thank you” to the next level by writing a personal card. Give your card to the store manager, cashier or freight crew team member.

3. Comment on social pages

If you are unable to visit a store today, but still want to say “thank you,” please visit our social pages here. We are collecting comments and will share them with our team. If you have something to share about a specific store or team member, please include that in your comment.