Last week, calls threatening shootings at more than a dozen Utah schools prompted swift police responses and widespread concern for students, teachers and parents. Following further investigation, reported threats were determined to be unfounded, but apprehension continued as students returned to school the following days.

Law officers were present at many schools as students returned to school. Erika Jones, bakery manager at the Macey’s in Spanish Fork, received a phone call at 3 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon from Bakery Decorator Mindy Wilson. Mindy had just received a call from Spanish Fork City asking if the bakery team could make 2,000 doughnuts by 7 a.m. the following morning, an incredibly challenging request. The city aimed to have a special welcome for the students and staff to help them feel safe as they returned to school with police officers distributing some of Macey’s finest as they entered the building.

Following a conversation with Store Director Bill Summers, Erika and her team agreed to the request and started making plans. Night Clerk Rachel Bentley immediately began folding boxes and stacking them in preparation for the massive order. She called bakers Kyle Growers and Helayna Jex to inform them of the special order so they could adjust their regular production schedule. Erika also contacted Stephanie Albiston who would do all the frying.

“Erika was fortunate to have all the product and packaging on hand,” said Jill Carter, ARO bakery sales manager. “She knew her team members would work together to make this happen and they did. It is awesome to see our value of ‘teamwork’ at play in such a huge way to support the local community. Two-thousand donuts overnight on top of their regular production is no easy task. What this team accomplished in such a short time is amazing!”

Everything went according to plan. The team mixed dough, hand-cut each doughnut, proofed, fried, frosted and boxed 2,000 warm and delicious treats for the school. Sending the doughnuts in shifts, the first 600 left the store at 7 a.m. with others following. Many other team members helped focus on the everyday offerings to ensure the regular bakery business didn’t skip a beat.

“This story really hits home for me,” said Director of Fresh Bakery Dan Hilgenberg. “My 11-year-old granddaughter goes to Bonita vista Elementary in Spanish Fork and has been traumatized by this event.  We cannot fully realize the effect these things can have on our innocent children. I am grateful for Spanish Fork City and Macey’s bakery. What an effort. What a team and what a great community!”