Scott Smith, one of AFS’ senior drivers, recently retired after an incredible and fulfilling 40-year career. Scott has contributed immensely to AFS and its mission throughout his four decades of service.

One of the most memorable moments for Scott was moving from Salt Lake City to Farr West, marking a new transition and beginning of a new and impactful change for AFS. He said, “The move from Salt Lake to Farr West has to be the most memorable event. It was the beginning of a new AFS.”

One of the proudest achievements for Scott is driving over 3,000,000 safe miles, showing his incredible dedication to always being professional and an example to others.

Typically, balancing work and personal life is challenging for many, but for Scott the approach has been clear, keeping both separate. “Try to leave work at work and home at home,” Scott advises. “Intermixing the two is a recipe for disaster.” This guidance allowed him to enjoy a lifestyle that he chose, working hard to achieve his dreams while maintaining a fulfilling family life.

Retirement opens a new chapter for Scott, filled with opportunities to pursue his passions. “I’m hoping to visit national parks throughout the country,” Scott shares. These adventures will allow him to reconnect with nature and explore new horizons, a fitting reward after years of dedication to his career.

Scott shares valuable lessons from his experienced career saying, “The grass is not always greener somewhere else.” He continues, “Remember to enjoy the path you are on; nothing is perfect. If you can find the goodness in your career and don’t embrace the negative aspects, your life is a positive one.” Scott’s view on life has changed and evolved, showing him that bumps in the road are a part of the journey and not roadblocks. He adds, “You can achieve your dreams, but you will have to work hard for it.”

Scott talks about mentorships and the inspiration from other colleagues saying, “Having fellow coworkers help mentor me has inspired me to help others be the best that they can be.” This type of support has been a cornerstone of his career, contributing to both his personal and organizational development.

Knowing how to navigate challenges and changes in the workplace was a defining part of Scott’s career. Scott explains, “I have always found ways to benefit from new changes…fighting change is a lose-lose situation.” His advice to others facing similar situations, as he did, is to find overall benefits in a changing environment and to always remain committed to learning and growth. “It’s easy to stay committed when learning new ideas and helps make the journey go smoother,” he said.

Being able to navigate through challenges and transitions at work was a defining part of Scott’s career. Scott said, “I have always found ways to benefit from new changes… Fighting change is a lose-lose situation.” He gives his advice to others saying, “It’s easy to stay committed when learning new ideas helps make the journey go smoother.”

Scott’s family, his wife Stacey, and sons Jake, Taylor and Ryan, along with their two Yorkies, Zoey, and Leo, have been supporting him constantly throughout his career. Their love and encouragement have been vital to his success.