In a recent survey conducted by The Feedback Group, supermarkets outperformed retail giants like Amazon, Walmart, and Target in terms of overall customer satisfaction in the online grocery segment. AFS member stores who have invested in ecommerce resources are experiencing similar customer satisfaction results.

The pandemic served as a catalyst for the rapid growth of ecommerce in the supermarket industry. Consumers sought convenience and safety, leading them to explore online shopping options. Recognizing this shift in consumer behavior, AFS has actively worked with partners such as Rosie and Instacart to enhance its retailers’ ecommerce capabilities. These collaborations have paved the way for seamless online grocery experiences, opening new avenues for customer engagement and convenience. The results from Q1 have been highly promising, showcasing the potential for substantial growth in online shopping.

Through these partnerships, AFS has harnessed the power of Rosie’s intuitive platform and Instacart’s expansive delivery network, allowing member retailers to provide top-notch online shopping experiences to their customers. The positive feedback and increasing customer satisfaction validate the effectiveness of its efforts. By leveraging these partnerships, AFS and its member retailers are poised to capitalize on the ever-growing demand for online grocery services.

While recent efforts have translated into increased customer satisfaction, it is important to note that the competition remains fierce. Mass merchandisers continue to gain market share in the online grocery space. To maintain a competitive edge, it would be wise to focus on addressing areas of improvement identified by The Feedback Group’s survey.

The survey findings indicate that customers express some concerns regarding product availability and personalization. It is important to take these insights seriously and invest in strategies to ensure customers can easily find the products they need when ordering online. Moreover, it encourages prioritizing personalization efforts, making every customer feel valued and appreciated.

Additionally, it is crucial to adapt to the preferences of younger consumers, particularly millennials and Gen Z, who have substantial spending power. These digital-native generations have lofty expectations for online experiences, and to continue to maintain their trust, retailers must meet and exceed them. By continuing to innovate and provide a seamless, personalized, and convenient online shopping experience, member retailers can attract and retain these valuable customer groups.

Thomas Horne, the marketing manager for ecommerce, sees this as an additional motivation to consider adopting ecommerce. “We encourage our member retailers to explore and embrace ecommerce opportunities. Collaborating with Rosie and Instacart enables retailers to tap into a wider customer base, expand their reach, and strengthen their competitive advantage. By capitalizing on these partnerships and leveraging the expertise of industry-leading allies, member retailers can thrive in the dynamic online grocery market.”

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