Raisin the Bar: See the Winners of More than $5,000 from Welch’s Display Contest 

Members of Associated Food Stores (AFS) turned grape displays into national recognition and cash in the recent contest sponsored by Robinson Fresh. More than $5,000 in cash prizes were given to the winners. 

“So many great displays were entered leading to unbelievable volume movement and incredible store-level creativity and execution,” said Kim Smith, director of sales, Robinson Fresh West Region. “Please congratulate all the winners. It was nice to see so many different participants this year!” 

The contest ran during this year’s Father’s Day weekend with more than 54,0000 cases of grapes sold during the month of the contest. 

“We are grateful for the long-term partnership with Robinson and Welch’s that help us drive sales and win,” said Leigh Vaughn, director of produce for AFS. “We’re very excited about the number of entries, creativity and professionalism demonstrated by the store teams with this promotion and so many others. They are simply outstanding!” 

Click here to see pictures of the winning displays. 

Grand Prize   $  1,500.00  Libby Berndt Reynolds Market  
MRO 1st Place  $     750.00  Jackie Vorwaller Broulim’s 
MRO 2nd Place  $     500.00  Alan Summers Broulim’s 
MRO 3rd Place  $     250.00  Michelle Lindsay Broulim’s  
MRO Honorable  $       50.00  Zach Johansen Kent’s 
MRO Honorable  $       50.00  Katie Ruth Ridley’s Family Markets 
MRO Honorable  $       50.00  Taylor Anderson Broulim’s 
MRO Honorable  $       50.00  David Hayden Broulim’s 
MRO Honorable  $       50.00  Owen Baird Winegar’s 
MRO Honorable  $       50.00  Dan Hemmert Broulim’s 
ARO 1st Sales  $     375.00  Harold Rasmussen Orem Macey’s 
ARO 2nd Sales  $     250.00  Lehi Macey’s  
ARO 3rd Sales  $     150.00  Trevor Kirkman Ogden Macey’s 
ARO 1st Place  $     375.00  Kea Jewell Macey’s 
ARO 2nd Place  $     250.00  Loretta Olsen  Macey’s 
ARO 3rd Place  $     150.00  Cody Christensen Fresh Market 
ARO Honorable  $       50.00  Jodie Murdock Lin’s 
ARO Honorable  $       50.00  Grant Naylor Macey’s 
ARO Honorable  $       50.00  Angelic Sorensen Macey’s 
ARO Honorable  $       50.00  Vicky ferrer Macey’s