Picture this: You’re grocery shopping. It’s grilling season and you’d like to make hamburgers for your family. You’re shopping for all the fixings to build a better burger. You walk down the hamburger bun aisle and to your delight, there’s a basket near the Food Club buns that contains Food Club ketchup, mayo, and sliced pickles (an item that you had forgotten to add to your grocery list.) All of these items in one place just made your shopping trip shorter and easier. This is an example of the MFP program in action from a consumer perspective. By adding a display (three tier wire baskets, power towers, acrylic shelf bins and more) we can increase sales, impulse buys, and visibility of Exclusive Brands while helping the guest condense their shopping trip.

The Merchandising for Profit (also known as MFP) program will be launched in August of 2022 to our MRO members with a yearly contract option, with multiple tier options that will be stocked by the Exclusive Brands Execution Team (EBET). It is projected that the new off-shelf displays, in addition the auto shipped cases and replenishment of product will result in approx. $1.6 million in sales for the AFS warehouse, with an approx. $2 million increase in sales for MRO members.

Congratulations and a special thanks to our EBET team and retail councilors, who set a goal at Food Show of having 100-member participation for the new program. Due to the dedication and hard work of our AFS team, final sign-up results were and impressive 128 MRO members.

If you would like to learn more about the MFP program, please reach out to anyone on the Exclusive Brands team or James Armendariz