Here at Associated Food Stores, we’ve built our business on supporting the people and communities closest to us. We believe that we’re strongest when we work together.

That’s also our philosophy when it comes to mental health. As a company, we’re strongest when every employee feels supported and cared for—and when they feel empowered to support and care for others.

That’s why this September, we’re partnering with Live On Utah to recognize Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Working with mental health experts at both the state and national level, Live On has created a course designed to give everyone the skills to prevent suicide. Everyone has the power to save a life—they just need the training.

The new course is completely free to access, and each lesson takes just a few minutes to study. To sign up, just follow @LiveOnUtah on Instagram.

We want to support Live On’s goal of turning every Utahn into a suicide prevention ambassador. We invite you to take the course yourself! This is not required, but something that is optional and something we are encouraging our team to participate in.

If you or someone you care about is experiencing thoughts of suicide, please know that help is available.

Thank you for your good work, and thank you for your continued dedication to improving our local communities. We wouldn’t be anywhere without our incredible employees.