Associated Food Stores is thrilled to announce the launch of Pocket, a revolutionary program designed to replace the AIMS system. With a fresh name, appearance, and design, Pocket is set to deliver a more modern, sleek, and seamless experience for users.

AIMS, or Associated’s Item Management System, has served Associated Food Stores for decades providing team members with the ordering/item information they need to take care of member retailers. As AFS’ business has expanded and new technologies have become available, the need to update the system has arrived. A new application is now available to replace the older system.

Pocket offers many benefits over the previous system including:

  • Streamlined navigation through combined commonly used screens
  • Easy export of Excel lists
  • Faster order uploads
  • Improved searchability
  • Modernized user interface

The name “Pocket” was carefully chosen to evoke the idea of convenience and utility, just like the pockets team members use in their everyday lives. Just how Pockets in pants or jackets provide us with easy access and organization, Pocket aims to offer great functionality, ease of use, and efficiency.

The dedicated IT team at AFS has worked tirelessly to connect retailers and team members with the necessary resources in the most efficient way possible.

Pocket is a testament to their commitment to improving the user experience and streamlining operations within the organization.

With its intuitive interface and user-friendly design, Pocket is set to revolutionize the way users interact with the system. The program’s modern appearance and useful functionality ensure accessing resources, managing tasks and staying connected has never been easier.

Gordon Rose, a programming supervisor overseeing the new Pocket initiative, was enthusiastic about the project, and extremely grateful for the legacy of the AIMS system. “I am excited about the progress we are making rewriting AIMS,” he said. “When we think about the heart of the warehouse and our business almost everything goes through AIMS. AIMS has been around for over 30 years and Dennis Wheeler and Jesse Blake have been main supporters of it. When there’s an issue for the 4 a.m. pull, those are the guys called, and they are the ones getting AIMS back up and running. Hats off to them, because without them, we’d probably be out of jobs. I’m grateful to be on the rewrite of AIMS.”

AFS is excited to embark on this new chapter with Pocket, empowering retailers and team members with a dynamic tool that enhances productivity and efficiency. The launch of Pocket demonstrates AFS’s dedication to providing the best possible resources and support to its valued partners.

As AFS continues to innovate and evolve, Pocket will play a crucial role in facilitating smoother operations, fostering collaboration, and delivering an exceptional experience for all users. “The team is excited about the progress; we couldn’t do this project without the users’ help. I hope everyone that uses AIMS gets a say in the rewrite, making “Pocket” a “One Associated” application.” Gordon said. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience the future of retail with Pocket.