Last spring, it was announced that Associated Food Stores’ employees and eligible spouses could receive Fitness Funds for making healthy choices. In the past, only those who have been insured through AFS have been eligible, but now all employees qualify.  

“We felt it was important to reward all team members for healthy choices,” said Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Tim Conner. “The executive team quickly approved the move, so we were thrilled to roll the initiative out to everyone and want everyone to remember this valuable benefit.”  

There are many wellness-related events that qualify for the reward, including: 

-Annual Physician Visit 

-Regular Exercise 

-Athletic League Participation 

-Cancer Screenings 

-Attending Wellness Events, and much more!  

Click here to see the claim form and the updated claim form of qualified events and the eligible dollar amounts for those events.  

Each AFS team member and qualified spouse is eligible for up to $250 each, meaning couples can earn up to $500 annually.  

“This is a fantastic way to motivate healthy habits and inspire a culture of wellness throughout AFS” said Wellness Facilitator Danielle Healis. “All it takes is a few minutes to record what many are already doing. It pays to take care of yourself!”  

To learn more about the Fitness Funds program, click here for the Program Guide.  

Or visit Team Services with questions. Danielle is also available to answer questions or clarify Fitness Funds benefits at (801) 978-4412 or