Dear Team,

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our internal communication platforms, we are officially bidding farewell to Insite and fully transitioning to Bridge, our robust intranet solution.

Bridge has been a valuable resource for some time now, offering enhanced features and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams. With its intuitive interface and powerful collaboration tools, Bridge has become an indispensable asset for our organization.

To ensure a smooth transition, please take note of the following steps:

  1. Accessing Bridge: If you have not already, make sure to familiarize yourself with Bridge by logging in through Microsoft Teams. Bridge can be accessed directly from the Teams interface, providing you with easy access to all its features.
  2. Retiring Insite: As of yesterday, Insite is no longer accessible. Any information or documents previously stored on Insite have been migrated to Bridge for your convenience.
  3. Continued Support: Should you encounter any challenges or have questions during this transition, our IT support team is available to assist you. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need any help navigating Bridge or accessing your resources.

We believe that consolidating our intranet resources under Bridge will streamline our communication efforts and enhance collaboration across the organization. Thank you for your cooperation and adaptability as we embrace this change together.

**Attached are instructions on how to download Microsoft Teams to your phone on either Apple or Android**