As Super Bowl weekend approaches, many will indulge in one of America’s favorite game-day delights—pizza. Pizza is an important item for members of Associated Food Stores as many members sell pizza in their delicatessens and frozen foods aisles, including the popular Crav’n Flavor exclusive brand.  

A major pizza chain recently conducted a survey of 5,000 Americans, unraveling the mysteries of US pizza habits. The findings reveal that the average American enjoys pizza three times a month, devouring about eight slices in that span. Notably, Wisconsin emerges as the pizza consumption champion, boasting an average monthly intake of 10 slices.  

When it comes to the preferred day for this beloved indulgence, Friday reigns supreme as the most popular day to order a pizza. The survey also shed light on crust preferences, with thin crust emerging as the top choice for over a quarter of respondents (28 percent). Stuffed crust claims second place at 20 percent, followed by thick crust at 14 percent. Notably, Wyoming and Montana lead in stuffed crust enthusiasts, with 30 percent of respondents favoring this delectable variation. 

The study delves further into the realm of pizza preferences, unveiling that New York-style pizza takes the crown as the most popular style (35 percent). Utah was referenced as a state whose residents prefers Chicago-style pizza when shopping for a “specialty” pizza. 

Pepperoni emerges as the reigning topping champion, securing a spot on 42 percent of pizza orders. Unveiling a more daring side, 44 percent of respondents express willingness to embrace the controversial pineapple pizza combination. Ranch dressing was the most popular dipping sauce (38 percent), followed by garlic sauce (27 percent) and hot sauce (8 percent).


As for the other toppings, almost half of respondents (44 percent) said they’d be willing to try that much-debated combination of pineapples on pizza, while just under a quarter (23 percent) said they’d like to ban fish as a pizza topping. Some of the other potentially bannable toppings included beets (21 percent), blueberries (15 percent), and plums (14 percent). Finally, an open-minded 10 percent said that they wouldn’t ban anything.