In the dynamic world of grocery retail, experience and passion often serve as the cornerstone of success. Meet Lance Vrieze, the newly appointed store director at Fresh Market on 3900 South, who brings three decades of industry expertise and a contagious enthusiasm for creating positive workplace environments.

Lance began his grocery career as a 15-year-old bagger for IGA, swiftly making his mark and transitioning to Albertson’s a year later. Over two decades with Albertson’s, he climbed the ranks from a bagger to an assistant store director, showcasing a commitment to excellence and continuous growth. 

His journey took him to Florida, where he spent six valuable years at Winn Dixie before returning to Utah. Nine years ago, Lance joined ARO as a receiver and embarked on a notable trajectory, navigating various roles within the company to ascend to the position of store director. 

Throughout his career, Lance found inspiration in accomplished managers including Dan Christie, Cameron Casper, Amanda Johnson and Travis Burke, who served as mentors, guiding him toward excellence. His adaptive mindset and fearlessness in the face of change have been key elements propelling him forward. 

Lance believes a fun and positive work environment directly translates into superior service for guests and enhanced collaboration among coworkers. For him, the team is not just a professional entity but a source of happiness and camaraderie. 

Beyond the grocery aisles, Lance finds joy in his hobbies of fishing and golf and spending time with his cherished bloodhound.