For the month of December, all team members who have Team Perks can receive a free (up to $5) Red Button Vintage Creamery Cream Pie! With eight delightfully creamy flavors, team members may want to skip dinner to go straight to dessert. Choose from classic flavors like banana cream, coconut cream, peaches and cream, lemon meringue, and French silk, or something new such as s’more French silk, sea salt caramel apple or turtle cream.

Red Button Vintage Creamery Pies are a great way to bring more cheer to the holiday season. Made locally, right near the AFS corporate headquarters, the pies are made with high-quality ingredients to give holiday dinner tables the perfect touch, and to make time with family and friends even sweeter.

Team members should use the phone number attached to their Perks account at checkout, and it will deduct automatically. There is a limit of one Red Button Vintage Creamery Pie per team member.

“Local flavors are the heartbeat of our community, and our locally made Red Button Vintage Creamery pies not only fill our shelves but also our homes with a taste of authenticity,” said Boyd Irving, vice president of Exclusive Brands. “It’s not just about serving pie; it’s about sharing a slice of our local identity with every guest, creating a delicious connection between our community and our local stores.”

See the pies here.