The AFS Annual Business Meeting and FoodShow are time-honored traditions of Associated Food Stores. For more than 80 years, retailers have gathered to learn about company progress, talk with vendors and interact with fellow retailers.  

The annual business meeting will kick off this year’s event on the evening of Tuesday, March 19 with a comprehensive report on financial results and exciting executive team presentations. FoodShow takes place at the Salt Palace Convention Center on March 20 and 21. 

This year’s theme is Built to Build, a celebration of the core purpose that drives the mission at Associated Food Stores. In constructing and fortifying phenomenal food experiences, AFS recognizes the collective mission shared by all AFS members and those who support them: strengthening local communities and creating thriving businesses, one step at a time, one brick at a time and one innovation upon another. 

As the FoodShow rapidly approaches, it’s crucial to reiterate our guidelines for representing Associated Food Stores at the event. This reminder ensures that we uphold our standards of professionalism and respect for our retailers and vendors.

The FoodShow is an invaluable opportunity for our retailers to sample items, network, and collaborate with vendors. While we encourage everyone to enjoy themselves and partake in the offerings, it’s imperative that all AFS employees and their guests refrain from taking any items from the show floor. We must prioritize the experience of our retailers and vendors, allowing them ample opportunity to engage with the products.

Please remember that there are no exceptions. Failure to follow this rule can result in termination. Consumption of items should only occur on-site at the show. Let’s demonstrate our commitment to integrity and professionalism throughout the event.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Let’s make this FoodShow a success for Associated Food Stores and our valued partners.

To catch up on FoodShow from last year, check out the video below.