In an inspiring demonstration of community spirit, Jennifer Johns, the delicatessen manager at the South Ogden Macey’s, partnered with many others to accomplish an extraordinary feat by fulfilling a guest’s request for 115 Holiday Turkey Dinners within a remarkable 24-hour timeframe.  

Confronted with the challenge on a Sunday morning, Jen exhibited exceptional dedication and resourcefulness. Coordinating efforts with an outstanding team, including Amber Woodfield, Jeff Rice, Terri Osborne, Jeremy Thornton, Cameron Root, Craig Howard and Ryan Barnes, they efficiently gathered all the necessary components for the meals, pulling from stores between Spanish Fork and East Ogden.  

“This is a tremendous example of the greatness of our team,” said Danerish Root, ARO delicatessen sales manager. “It’s amazing to see so many team members who are willing to take on any challenge.” 

The order, delivered to Odyssey Elementary for the Boys and Girls Club, ensures that 115 families will enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal courtesy of an anonymous Macey’s guest.  

“Wow what a success story!” said Greg Welling, vice president of retail operations. “Everyone who helped with this project truly exemplified our commitment to guest service and our dedication to the community.”