Distribution Center Improvements Already Paying Dividends 

To help with growing sales and labor shortages at the distribution center, the highest-velocity water, salt, and firewood items were switched to full-pallet offerings during the peak volume season.  

Since the transition, which began on May 16, the effort has made a substantial impact throughout the organization. Last Monday, the distribution center team transferred 25,000 cases to full pallets. The time-saving effort resulted in an hour of work saved each night for the distribution center team meaning the swing shift was able to end on time every day. 

“These adjustments are very meaningful to the team and to our retailers,” said Justin Johnson, general manager at the distribution center. “It means finishing on time, getting loads out, drivers not having to wait, and on-time deliveries to stores.” 

Justin expressed gratitude to April Rice, Javier Tapia and the retail account managers, David Panter, Lon Hergot and the center-store procurement team, Todd Bell and many others throughout the organization who are contributing to this important project. 

“These changes are saving money and saving our teams time,” said Justin. “We’re getting people off so they can take care of their other responsibilities and be with their families while also taking care of our retailers and their customers’ at the same time.”