The Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum brings an exciting update to its popular grocery store exhibit, with their new sponsor, Macey’s grocery store. The Macey’s Grocery Store at the museum will be renovated with updated branding, groceries and engaging, interactive activities.  

Visitors to the museum can shop till they drop with the wide selection of replica items for kids to collect and ring up with live scanners. Children can also have fun measuring up to the giant, photo-friendly Macey’s gorilla. Aptly named Kong, the Macey’s mascot sports his favorite Aloha shirt while holding Macey’s famous, gorilla-sized, ice cream cone.  

“Macey’s is such a beloved grocery store in the community and we are excited to feature the grocer in a prominent exhibit that helps children to learn through play,” says CEO and Executive Director Kathleen Bodenlos. “This exhibit enhances children’s ability to use their imagination to play make-believe and also encourages children to improve their social skills as they take turns working together in different roles as cashier, baker, or shopper.”  

The mission of the Children’s Museum has always been to help children connect with their world to make a difference. Generous sponsors like Macey’s give the museum the capability to keep kids discovering new things visit after visit. The Macey’s Grocery Store will be installed in the coming weeks by The Children’s Museum’s exhibit directors.  

“The renovation of our grocery store exhibit aligns with all that’s currently happening at the museum” said Bodenlos. “Following the renovation of our Play House, Block Party, and Move It, along with the installation of our new paleontology exhibit, the museum is stepping into a new era of possibilities.”