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Our Response to COVID-19

As a local grocer, we are committed to the delivering the highest level of service for our local community. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been monitoring, planning and working diligently to maintain the same level of service and safety.

We are constantly coordinating with and monitoring the State Health Department and CDC to ensure we are taking steps to protect our team and guests.

For all team members, at retail, the distribution center and corporate offices we have:

  1. Provided Community Hero Award payments to all team members for their dedication and response to increased demand.
  2. Strongly recommended that team members stay home if they are sick. We’ve also adjusted our team member sick leave policy to help those who are ill or caring for a sick loved one.
  3. Implemented restrictions for all business travel.
  4. Provided detailed education on proper handwashing from the CDC.
  5. Provided education on ways to stay safe at home and at work.
  6. Education on social distancing and the reasons for doing so.
  7. Shared best practices for when and how to wear a mask.
  8. Reminded team members of their access to free counseling through Intermountain’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  9. Revised our sick leave and travel policies to help meet the needs of team members that are impacted by COVID-19.
  10. Provided additional training opportunities around COVID-19 and how Associated Food Stores was responding to protect both guests and team members.
  11. Cancelled all upcoming company sponsored events.
  12. Provided specific ways team members could share feedback with leadership.

Since the environments at our retail, distribution center and corporate offices are unique, we’ve put in place specific efforts for each.


At retail, we’ve established efforts to protect both guests and team members.

Efforts to protect our guests:

  1. Provided regular checks and refills of cart wipe stations throughout the day.
  2. Increased amounts of hand sanitization stations available throughout our stores.
  3. Increased frequency of cleaning and sanitizing efforts.
  4. Instituted item limits on products that have been in high demand.
  5. Provided education for basic hygiene practices from the CDC and other agencies.
  6. Instituted dedicated hours for senior shoppers and other at-risk guests.
  7. Temporarily suspended use of reusable bags to help with the spread of contaminants.
  8. Placed high emphasis on other shopping options such as SKIP, curbside pickup and delivery.
  9. Continually assessed and enhanced plans and actions each day to quickly respond to this situation.
  10. Suspended strep testing in our pharmacies; this will help keep shoppers and team members safe as there is an overlap of strep and COVID-19 symptoms.
  11. Developing solutions to allow our pharmacies to offer curbside in stores without a drive-up window, delivery and mail order options, thus reducing the number of times shoppers need to come into the store.
  12. Provided an email address where guests could send questions or concerns.

Efforts to protect our team:

  1. Installed Safety Shields at all check stands.
  2. Installed signage and floor decals to help promote social distancing of six feet.
  3. Provided Personal Protective Equipment (EPP) like gloves, masks and face shields and personal hand sanitizer for team members.
  4. Introduced hand sanitizer at all of our check stands.

Distribution Center

The distribution center is vital to keeping stores running and in stock as much as possible and team members have risen to the challenge. In addition to the steps outlined for all team members, below are steps we’ve taken specifically at the warehouse.

  1. Temporarily closed the in-house café in order to encourage social distancing.
  2. Implemented temporary changes to policies for truck drivers for who is allowed in the building.

Corporate Offices

We’ve taken the additional steps listed below for the corporate offices.

  1. Telecommuting for those who are able.
  2. Little to no in-person meetings. Meetings are conducted via web or phone conferencing.