Dear AFS Family,

Last week, we held a senior leadership meeting where I had the privilege of interacting with your incredible leadership group. Leaders representing every aspect of our business were there, from procurement, technology, marketing, team services, distribution, retail and more. During the meeting, each leader shared the successes of the last quarter and gave status updates on many of our key initiatives— those projects that will drive our future success.

As I listened to these reports, I was reminded that behind every number and business metric lies the dedicated effort of our team. Whether it’s the growth in sales, the efficiency in operations, or the success of dozens of other important projects, these achievements are the result of hard work, collaboration and a commitment to our retailers and each other.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to express my sincere appreciation for each one of you. Your steadfast commitment to delivering outstanding service to our retailers and communities is truly commendable. The values you uphold and the service you provide make me proud to be part of such an outstanding team. Your hard work, passion and resilience are evident every day and your contributions, especially during challenging times, are an impressive illustration of the collaborative spirit that defines our AFS family. We call this collaborative spirit and resulting world-class teamwork “One Associated.”

I have complete confidence in our ability to navigate challenges, seize opportunities and fortify the relationships that assure our continued success. Thanksgiving provides a special moment for reflection, and I’m truly grateful to be part of an organization filled with such remarkable individuals. May your Thanksgiving be filled with joy, gratitude and the warmth of the holiday.

Warm regards,