In a proactive move to align with organizations committed to community uplift, the recruiting team from Associated Food Stores (AFS) recently took part in another People Helping People (PHP) job fair. This strategic collaboration not only underscores AFS’s dedication to sourcing talent but also highlights its support for initiatives aimed at empowering individuals, particularly low-income women, and single mothers. 

Jen Howard, AFS Human Resources Generalist, said “I love what PHP is doing in our community and I’m proud to represent AFS and share our career opportunities and our wonderful team member benefits. We have the privilege to take part in multiple conversations about people’s lives, their job needs, and their hopes for a better future. We do our best to find opportunities to help them in these efforts.”   

At PHP, the ethos revolves around the belief that empowering mothers leads to positive outcomes for children, communities, and society at large. Through personalized coaching, mentoring, and employment workshops, PHP assists approximately 1,000 women annually in their journey towards self-sufficiency and financial stability. The transition of these women from welfare to employment not only transforms individual lives but also generates substantial savings for the community, ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 per individual per year. 

Whitney Ashdown, AFS Human Resources Assistant stated “I am a huge fan of hiring events. I love to represent and talk about our company. I think it’s a great opportunity to get our name out in the community and to work with other groups, like PHP to help those in need around us. I am grateful our company gets to participate in many great causes!” 

The mission of PHP closely aligns with AFS’s core values, as both organizations share a common goal of fostering economic empowerment and improving lives. By assisting low-income women in securing stable employment, PHP not only breaks the cycle of poverty but also catalyzes a ripple effect of positive change within communities. Successful employment not only benefits the women directly but also translates into broader societal advantages, including increased tax contributions, economic activity, and opportunities for future generations. 

Through their active participation in the PHP job fair, the recruiting team from Associated Food Stores demonstrated their commitment to supporting initiatives that promote inclusivity, diversity, and community welfare. By engaging with organizations like PHP, they reaffirm their dedication to creating opportunities for individuals from all walks of life to thrive in the workforce, thereby contributing to a more equitable and prosperous society. 

For more information about PHP visit their website by clicking here.