For many years, Associated Food Stores has presented a retailer with the Donald P. Lloyd Spirit of Independents award at the company’s annual meeting. The award represents AFS’ highest retail-focused honor. Based on suggestions from retailers, a similar award will also be presented to an AFS team member beginning this year.  

Called the “One Associated Award,” it will be presented to a team member from AFS or ARO who exemplifies leadership, commitment and heart in driving the mission of Associated Food Stores to enrich lives, one grocer, one family, one meal at a time. Award winners will be: 

  • Examples of outstanding servant leadership  
  • Active participants in driving company initiatives  
  • Leaders in making recommendations for meaningful improvement  
  • Champions in sharing and embracing other’s suggestions  
  • Fanatical providers of extraordinary customer service   
  • Ambassadors of the AFS system  

Team members may nominate their colleagues and peers for the award by clicking here. Nominations only take a few minutes and are due by February 24. Nominees will be reviewed, and a winner selected, by the executive team and receive board approval. While the award may be presented annually, it is not a requirement.  

The One Associated Award is one of many ways Associated Food Stores is continuing to build a culture of recognition, teamwork and cooperation as it serves its member owners.