Construction is underway at the East Sandy location of Macey’s, signaling the much-anticipated return of this beloved grocery store to the local community. With a targeted late spring/early summer grand opening, the excitement is palpable as the once-closed doors are set to slide open again.

“We are thrilled to revive the Macey’s East Sandy store,” said Greg Welling, vice president of operations for Associated Retail Operations (ARO). “This project represents our commitment to the community and the evolution of a beloved establishment. With innovative features and a nod to our storied past in that area, the new store will not only cater to the diverse needs of our guests but also create a vibrant space for the community to gather.”

Led by Jan Whiteley, Steve Skinner and others, the construction team has been working diligently, undertaking crucial tasks such as pulling out old cement in areas with refrigeration or freezers. (This step is essential to insulate the ground and ensure the stability of the foundation, preventing future cracks.)

An interesting facet of this renovation involves the removal of old decor, some of which dates to the Albertsons era. This process not only paves the way for a fresh and modern aesthetic but also symbolizes the evolution of the store over the years. The new Macey’s location is not just a revival; it’s a transformation, blending the nostalgia of the past with the innovation of the present.

As the third Macey’s Market location, with the others in Pinebrook area of Park City and Sugar House neighborhood in Salt Lake City, this store is set to offer numerous specialty features designed to enhance the shopping experience. From enhanced fresh departments to a dedicated seating space, Macey’s East Sandy aims to be more than just a grocery store—it’s a destination for the community.

Adding to the excitement is the proximity of the newest state liquor store, situated right next door. This strategic placement is expected to drive additional foot traffic to Macey’s, creating a synergy that benefits both establishments. As the construction progresses, there’s an exciting sense of anticipation in the air, and the local community eagerly awaits the grand reopening of Macey’s Market in East Sandy.

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