Spooky fun is in the air as little (and big) monsters prepare to disappear into the night to gather sugary treats and sweets. Don’t let an accident crash the party! Use the tips below to help your little goblins have a safe, and happy, Halloween.

Light ‘em up: Stick a piece of reflective tape on your child’s costume and treat bag, or give them glow sticks or flashlights to help them be seen by others.

Make a Plan: Map out which neighborhoods you’ll be visiting (or where the older kids will be going) and determine who will be accompanying the littles on their adventure.

Be Aware: Most trick-or-treaters make the rounds from 5:30-9:30 p.m. Pay extra attention to the roads during this time. Drive slowly in neighborhoods and take extra precautions when backing out of driveways.

Keep It Clean: Make sure your driveway and front porch are clear of tripping hazards. You don’t want the Tooth Fairy to need to make an early visit.

Check it First: Before your littles eat their weight in sweets, check each piece to make sure nothing is open, severely damaged, or suspicious looking. The candy check is also a good time to make candy trades with siblings and friends.

Be Prepared: Make sure you have plenty of candy on hand. Don’t forget to pick some up during your next shopping trip. We recommend buying a little extra (you know you’re going to want some too).

Do you have other great tips to make the most out of Halloween? Share them in the comments below.