In southern Utah, the Lin’s pharmacies are celebrating a groundbreaking sales record, surpassing the previous milestone set just over a month ago, with sales up nearly 8 percent last week. 

At the heart of their success was not just the traditional prescription filling but a robust offering of clinical services that has become an important offering for the community. The Lin’s pharmacies, along with pharmacies throughout ARO, have embraced a proactive approach to healthcare, integrating a range of clinical services that extend beyond the conventional role of a pharmacy. Many communities have responded positively to these initiatives, recognizing the pharmacies not just as places to collect medications but as hubs of comprehensive healthcare support. 

Pharmacists, now more than ever, played a vital role in community well-being. Their commitment to health education and accessibility of clinical services have transformed ARO pharmacies into trusted healthcare partners. The record-breaking sales were not just evidence of business success but a reflection of the community’s trust in the ARO pharmacies as healthcare leaders. 

“Our pharmacy teams not only dispenses medications; they dispense compassion, care and a commitment to community well-being,” said Steve Holm, district manager. “Their dedication to providing exceptional service has not just set records, it has set a new standard for what healthcare means to our communities.”