As winter blankets the Associated Food Stores’ service area in a glistening layer of snow, the often-unsung heroes of the team, working diligently in the distribution center, grocery stores and the corporate office, prepare for a set of unique challenges on the roads.  

Here are some indispensable tips to remember in navigating potentially dangerous winter roads: 

Guardians of the Goods: 

Before leaving, team members should ensure their vehicles are in top-notch condition. Properly inflated tires, functional brakes and well-maintained lights are imperative for a safe journey. 

Safely On the Move: 

Leave early and remember slowing down is not a setback but a strategic move for safety. Reduced speed allows for better control and reaction time, minimizing the risk of mishaps on slippery winter roads. 

Follow Carefully: 

Know the importance of maintaining a safe following distance. This precautionary measure provides ample time to react to unexpected stops or difficulties ahead. 

Be Smooth: 

In winter driving endeavors, smooth and gentle maneuvers are best. Gradual acceleration, deceleration, and turns are essential for preventing skidding and maintaining control over essential goods-laden vehicles. 

Brake with Precision: 

Use brakes cautiously to avoid skidding by applying gentle, steady pressure, especially if vehicles are equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), allowing the system to efficiently handle the situation. 

Be Informed: 

Stay informed about weather conditions and road closures by checking weather forecasts and traffic reports. 

Catch the Vision: 

Ensure all windows, mirrors and lights are clear of snow and ice. Keep headlights on, even during daylight hours to illuminate the path and be seen by other drivers. 

Be Prepared: 

Equip vehicles with essential tools, from snow shovels and ice scrapers to sand and emergency kits containing blankets, water, snacks, and flashlights. 

Strategic Planning for Success: 

Plan routes strategically, opting for well-traveled roads that are more likely to be plowed and treated. Informed decision-making increases the chances of safe arrival. 

Safety First, Always: 

If conditions become too perilous, make prudent decisions to ensure safety remains at the top of the priority list.  

By embodying these winter driving tips, the AFS team can navigate snowy roads with dedication and resilience, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of essential goods to the community.