Last year, Associated Food Stores introduced the “One Associated Award.” As the company’s premier team-member recognition, the award is presented to a team member who exemplifies leadership, commitment and heart in driving the mission of Associated Food Stores to enrich lives, one grocer, one family, one meal at a time. 

Todd Bell is this year’s recipient of the “One Associated Award.” Todd’s career with Associated Food  Stores began in 1989 when he started at the warehouse at the age of 16. Despite pursuing a degree in physical therapy at the University of Utah, Todd’s passion for business gradually took precedence over his initial career path. Over the past 34 years, Todd has diligently advanced within AFS, transitioning through various departments and roles, showcasing his amazing dedication and adaptability. 

Throughout his tenure, Todd has cultivated numerous meaningful relationships with colleagues and retailers alike and these relationships serve him well in his current role as vice president of procurement. These connections also serve as the driving force behind his relentless commitment to supporting others and championing their success. Known for his infectious energy and vibrant sense of humor, Todd’s presence never fails to uplift those around him. His genuine warmth and ability to inject positivity into any situation are hallmarks of Todd’s character and provide all who know him with a renewed sense of optimism. 

Beyond his professional endeavors, Todd’s commitment to his AFS family and personal family is rooted in authenticity and love. He approaches every interaction and task with wholehearted enthusiasm, firmly believing in the power of collective success. Todd’s infectious dedication to helping others thrive serves as powerful evidence of his genuine altruism and steadfast character, making him a true asset to both his AFS community and beyond.