During the recent NGA Conference, DUMAC, a leading solutions provider connecting point-of-sale software, hardware, and equipment, recognized two members of the Associated Food Stores team, Paul Pugh and Cameron Bradford, with “Hi-5” awards.

Steve Methvin, vice president of product development, said, “Paul Pugh was recognized for his passion. Our passion drives us individually and collectively. We love what we do, and we strive to excel and succeed. If you know Paul – he is a person with a passion for RORC. Paul is enthusiastic, committed, and driven to support and improve the RORC products. He often shares a strong desire to excel and contribute to the success of all RORC users – beyond what is required of them. Paul will often go above and beyond to help us achieve our goals, take on new challenges, and find innovative ways to solve problems. His energy and enthusiasm inspire and motivate those around him. Thanks Paul!”

“Cameron Bradford, our RAC chairman, was recognized for his being innovative. Cam is an incredible innovator. His ability to think creatively and find new and effective solutions is truly impressive,” said Methvin. “Cam brings a new level of energy and enthusiasm to our team as he often steps up to spearhead projects, test software, and given numerous classes and presentations at multiple conferences to promote RORC software and interfaces. Not only does Cam test, but also openly shares his installation processes and knowledge to help RORC users and the RAC Committee succeed. Your creativity is a real asset to RORC and the RAC team. Your innovative contributions have had a significant impact on our organizations. Thanks Cam!”

Paul and Cameron both currently serve on the RAC committee where Cameron is currently serving as president. Both are key leaders within Associated Food Stores’ IT group – Paul’s main area of focus is on Retail integrations, from third-party hardware/software to development and QA testing. Cameron’s key focus is all in-store technology and the team that supports AFS members.