Team Member Walk Ends in “All-Questions Welcome” Huddle with Executive Team 

Each Wednesday at 10:30 a.m., Danielle Healis, the AFS wellness facilitator, leads an energetic walk around the block of the AFS corporate office. The approximately 2,700-step stroll typically ends as team members return to their workspaces. However, this week’s walk ended with a welcome twist. The more than 30 participants were joined by members of the AFS Executive Team on the walk. Then, members of the executive team led an informal Q & A session with walk participants in the education center. 

Team members asked questions ranging from how the company is responding to global supply challenges to what AFS is doing to prevent catalytic-converter theft in the corporate office parking lot. President and CEO Bob Obray, Steve Miner, Tim Conner, David Rice and others provided updates and responded to team member inquiries. 

“We are looking to have more formal team meetings in the coming months,” said Bob. “However, opportunities like these are incredibly valuable for the executive team. We want to know what is on the minds of our fellow team members and how we can make Associated Food Stores an even better place to work. We are a people company. We care about our team. ‘One Associated’ is about people and we are honored to work side by side with so many great team members every day.” 

Team members interested in participating in upcoming conversations with executive team members are encouraged to watch their email for details. Plans include lunch-meeting opportunities and gatherings at the corporate office and Farr West Distribution Center.