The IT department recently launched a new version of the InSite app portal. This is a first step in a bigger project to upgrade and move the entire site to SharePoint online.  

The new InSite app portal is designed to streamline workflow and increase productivity for team members. It provides a convenient and efficient way for team members to access the necessary applications, enabling them to quickly find and access the required information. The platform’s intuitive interface and easy navigation will enable team members to access the necessary applications quickly, streamlining their workflow and increasing productivity. 

The InSite app portal offers multiple ways to find the application you need, including Tile View, Basic View, and List View. Tile View generates a graphical display of app categories, making navigation through the platform more manageable. Basic View provides a categorization of apps in alphabetical order, while List View is an alphabetical list of all available apps on the platform. A tutorial video is linked in the portal if users want help navigating it.  

The cloud-based architecture of the InSite app portal provides faster and more efficient access to applications, better scalability, and reliability. This feature ensures the smooth operation of the platform even during peak usage. 

The IT department is currently beta-testing the platform and users will still have access to the current app portal, however team members are strongly encouraged to test the new one and provide any feedback. Please share your feedback here.