Retail technology team members, and the many who benefit from their efforts, have reasons to celebrate as they achieved their wildly important goal on October 19. The goal was ambitious but crucial: to convert 130 stores to RORC version 7 by the end of the year.

“The resounding success truly demonstrates the dedication and hard work of many team members,” said Wade Judd, CIO and senior vice president of technology at AFS. “It’s amazing to see what can happen when we all work together.”

The journey to achieving this goal involved many late nights and early mornings, showcasing the team’s commitment to implementing technology tools that benefit member retailers and their guests. As of today, a remarkable 13

5 stores have been successfully converted, with the team showing no signs of slowing down.

RORC version 7 represents a significant technological advancement for these stores, offering new capabilities that enhance the customer experience during the checkout process. The retail technology team’s achievement goes beyond mere numbers; it directly impacts the customers in these stores. Guests can now enjoy quicker and more efficient checkouts, making their shopping experience smoother and more enjoyable.  The improved speed is also a great benefit to the cashiers as they strive to help customers during the checkout process.

The team’s accomplishment underscores the critical role technology plays in today’s retail landscape, where speed and efficiency are paramount. As they continue to make great progress toward updating all stores, the retail technology team’s success is a shining example of what can be achieved when a team sets a goal and works relentlessly to accomplish it. Their achievement is not only a win for the team but also a win for the customers who will benefit every time they shop.