One look at the news and you quickly see the dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases we are seeing throughout the region—some areas more severely than others. As we head into cold and flu season, during a pandemic, we’d like to again share some of the steps we have taken to help keep you safe.

  1. Addition of educational materials in all restrooms and breakrooms focused on proper social distancing and hand washing 
  2. Increased the number of hand sanitizing and cart wipe units and refills in all stores
  3. Offered a free mask to any guest entering the store without one
  4. Introduced hand sanitizer for shoppers and team members in our check stands 
  5. Revised our sick leave and travel policies to make sure we have best practices in place to avoid or help team members who may be exposed to COVID-19
  6. Reviewed all cleaning and sanitizing procedures across our store and have increased the frequency and diligence placed into these efforts
  7. Introduced safety shields at our check stands to help force better social distancing at this critical point in our stores; additionally, we are in the process of introducing signage and floor graphics to help shoppers maintain the recommended 6’ of distance while in line 
  8. Suspended strep testing in our pharmacies. This will help keep our shoppers and teams safe as there is an overlap of strep and COVID-19 symptoms. 
  9. Moved many/all production areas of the store to grab-and-go solutions to minimize contact with our team members, including deli and bulk foods.  
  10. Eliminated the use of reusable bags in our stores to help with the spread of bacteria and contamination. 
  11. Placing a greater emphasis on SKIP (mobile checkout) and online shopping/Rosie to help reemphasize these services as alternatives and best practices for shoppers who can use them 
  12. In-store signage to communicate social distancing and recognizing symptoms 
  13. Introduced pharmacy curbside pickup and delivery
  14. Introduced telemedicine as another way to receive healthcare